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Roof Replacement Alternative

Asphalt roofs are not lasting as long as they used to. The issue is that asphalt shingles contain less asphalt than they previously did, so they lose their natural oils more quickly and become dry and brittle. Having a home in a climate with extremes in weather like we experience here in Idaho Falls means your roof has to resist a lot. The wind also plays a large role in breaking down a roof. You may have recognized cracking or curling among your shingles, or the granules from the shingles going into your rain gutters. Those are warnings that your roof is ready for a rejuvenation. That’s where we come in with our roof replacement alternative in Idaho Falls. Our all-natural product brings back the oils to your shingles and effectively adds five years of life to your roof with every treatment. Even better, our roofing company in Idaho Falls, Idaho, can implement this rejuvenating bio-oil for just 20% of the expense of a new roof. If you are not convinced you need roof rejuvenation, you can contact our roofing experts, and we’ll stop by to take a look.

What To Expect


1. Roof Assessment

We will come examine your roof and inform you if it’s time for roof rejuvenation. If that is the case, and if your roof doesn’t require any major repairs, we will schedule an appointment.


2. Roof Maintenance

Next, we will complete a tune-up of your roof. This includes replacing missing shingles, covering up exposed nails, and replacing worn out gaskets when required.


3. Treatment Application

Finally, we apply the roof treatment, typically taking between one or two hours. This roofing treatment is 100% safe and your roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection will revive within 72 hours.

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    Roof Life of Idaho is located in Idaho Falls and services all of Southeastern Idaho. Our roof rejuvenation treatment is a quick and easy way to lengthen the life of your roof and save thousands by avoiding a roof replacement. This roof treatment takes only an hour or two to apply, and once it is dry, your shingles reclaim their ability to expand and contract with changes in the weather, which is vital for the hot summers and cold winters in Idaho Falls. We can help add 15 more years for your roof by treating your roof up to three times, once every five years. Our roofing specialists have actually treated roofs that are 30 years old!

    Roofing makes up 10% of construction waste in landfills.

    Roofing creates 13.5 million tons of waste annually.

    Our services are just 20% of the cost of a roof replacement.

    With one application, we can extend your roof's life by 5 years.

    I'm just really thrilled about the whole process. I'll be sharing that information with everybody I know.

    -Vicky Grubbs

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